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Ballroom Dance Terminologies to Learn as Beginners
Latin Ballroom Dancers Posing

For more help with your ballroom dance journey try these resources.

These are the tools we use to make our dancing run smoothly, look great, and have fun on the dance floor!

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Top 3 Ballroom Practice Shoe Ladies

  1. DLisiting Latin Dance Shoes 
  2. Latin Salsa Practice Dancer Shoes
  3. Purifit Women Ballroom Dancing Shoes Ladies

Top 3 Ballroom Practice Shoe Men

  1. Capezio Men’s SD103
  2. BeiBestCoat Men’s Classic Leather Modern Dancing Shoes
  3. Minishion QJ9011

Top 3 Ballroom Smooth Dance Dresses

  1. Rhinestones Long Sleeve High Dress
  2. Long Sleeve Natural Dress
  3. Performance Tulle Dress

Top 3 Latin Dance Dresses

  1. The Great Gatsby Vintage 1920s
  2. Crystals / Rhinestones Sleeveless Natural Dress
  3. Modal Ruching Short Sleeve High Dress By ShallWe

Top 3 Latin Dance Men’s Wear

  1. Latin Dance Tops Men’s Performance Cotton / Split Joint Long Sleeve Shirt
  2. Latin Dance Tops Men’s Performance Spandex Long Sleeve Top
  3. Latin Dance Bottoms Men’s Performance Spandex Natural Pants

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