What Is Dancesport Competitive Ballroom Dancing?

what is dancesport competitive ballroom dancing

DanceSport competitive ballroom dancing is a competition where couples on a dance floor are compared to others by the most qualified judges. The metrics for determining the winning couple include the execution and performance of various dance moves depending on a recognized or defined set of standards. How Ballroom Dancesport Works Audience participation is invited … Read more

Who Are the Most Famous Ballroom Dancers?

The beauty of ballroom dancing cannot be stressed enough with its nuanced techniques, creative steps, and fun-filled environment. Ballroom dancing comes in many flavors whether it is the Quickstep, Rumba, Tango, Samba, Lindy Hop, or the adored Cha Cha. Each dancer brings something unique to the art and that’s what makes ballroom dancing special. It … Read more