How to Learn Ballroom Dancing at Home: Five Tips to Remember

The world of ballroom dancing is truly a magical and interesting place to be in.

Whatever type of ballroom dance you perform, it can easily captivate the audience.

learn ballroom dance at home

But what if you do not want to go to a dance studio?

Is there a way on how to learn ballroom dancing at home?

Good thing, there are ways on how to properly go about this.

Do not worry if you have no idea where to start as we can guide you through your home learning.

You might be surprised that you already know how to dance to a specific ballroom number automatically.

Are you getting excited?

If you want to learn how to ballroom dance in the comfort of your own home (less embarrassing, we know), then keep on reading!

How to Learn Ballroom Dancing at Home

You can buy a lot of books to learn the ballroom dances, but trust us when we say that this might not lead to learning.

Yes, you can at least have a bit of a background about the dance you are trying to learn, but you will not know how to do it properly.

This is the case because dancing is about movement.

The truth is, you cannot simply learn how to dance by just reading about it.

More than that, you cannot effectively know how to move your feet based on instructions from written material.

Therefore, the best way to learn is to imitate something while learning it.

How can that be done? By watching tutorials or at least have a picture reference.

Learning by imitation and repetition will surely make you grasp the basic foot combinations easier.

That being said, if you really do not have access to such videos, you can at least learn from tutorials that have detailed illustrations in it.

In that way, you can exactly see where your feet will go and the number of counts needed for each step.

Ballroom Dance at Home: The Five Steps

These are the general steps that you can do in order to learn how to ballroom dance at home.

1. Choose a Style of Dance

A single Google search will show you that ballroom dancing is comprised of a lot of different social dances and styles.

There are samba, rumba, tango, jive, cha-cha, waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, and many more.

You really cannot learn every dance all at once because they all have varying core step combinations.

Therefore, choose only one, and then move on to the next one once you have completely mastered your first choice.

Part of choosing a dance is to know your purpose behind it.

Are you learning because of an upcoming wedding?

A party? A presentation in the office?

More than the purpose, you should also research a bit of background about the dance.

It is not really about learning the history of the dance, but in the process of learning the history, you also get an idea of what you need to accomplish with that particular dance.

For example, if you chose jive, then by learning its history, you will get a feel for its dancing type.

You will discover that you need to be quick on your feet and focus on the steps more compared to having a lot of hand movements.

2. Pick Some Music

You can easily choose the right music now that you know a little more about your dance choice.

Familiarize yourself with the beat and the different parts of the song.

That will help you to keep up when you finally do the moves.

Likewise, if you are practicing, you can easily rewind the song to a specific time because you already know all of its parts.

3. Dance Your Heart Out

The first thing to do is to learn the basic steps of your chosen dance.

This set of steps usually fit in just 16 counts, and the rest of them is just repetition.

Learn the steps and practice them with music.

You have to do a set of steps again and again until it becomes second nature to you.

In this way, you are not just doing the steps through your memory.

Once you master one combination, you can then move on to the next combination while mastering it with the first combination.

Through practice, you will notice that other foot combinations are just variations of the basic steps.

learn ballroom dance at home

4. Practice with a Partner

Obviously, ballroom dancing is about dancing with a partner.

Once you are done with a specific combination of steps, it is time to test it out with a partner.

Things may really be a little shaky at first, but both of you will get the hang of it.

Just do not get so frustrated when both of you do not get it at first.

Remember to stick with the combinations as those will guide you to stay up to beat.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Hopefully, by this time, you have already completed dancing to the entire song with at least five full combinations.

All you need to do is to keep on dancing and polishing your moves.

It is also great if you have a mirror so that you can see if you are doing something wrong or if your footing is a little bit off.

If you get lost, just go back to the basic footwork, and you will be back on track.

After a while, you will eventually get tired of the same song, and this is the ultimate test if you really perfected the foot combinations.

Try them with another song and see if you can keep up.

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Keep on Dancing!

Those are the five steps on how to learn ballroom dancing at home.

Use them as your general guide, and you will see that learning will be easy.

If you do not get it at first, just keep at it as it really takes a lot of time to master even the basic steps.

Remember to stick with the basics so that you will not get frustrated when you add other movements.

Also, do not forget to have fun; you get to learn dance while no one is watching, so give it your all.

Enjoy your dance routine!

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