Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Men’s ballroom dance shoes come in several different styles and they should be comfortable and attractive.

The right shoes will offer your feet support and they will enhance your performance.

men's ballroom dance shoes

Also, they will help to prevent any injuries while you are dancing.

Men’s ballroom dance shoes are normally made of leather and suede.

They have a special sole that is designed to grip the floor while allowing you to dance, spin, and slide.

They come in a variety of colors including black, brown, white, and gray and they are lightweight.

It is important that they fit you well and are comfortable.

Do You Need Dance Shoes?

You really do need a good pair of dance shoes.

You may be able to try a few lessons in your normal dress shoes.

But dance shoes have a suede sole so that you can perform all of the moves that you need to perform without any trouble.

These shoes are made specifically for dancing and you are less likely to injure your partner when you wear them.

Another great feature of ballroom dance shoes is that they are made to last.

You may use the same pair for years before you need to replace them.

Some ballroom dance shoes come with a shoe bag, a wire brush to clean the soles, and other accessories.

Take a look at these great shoes by Very Fine Dance Shoes.

They are stylish and will allow you to perform just about any ballroom dance.

What Type of Shoe Should You Buy?

You should start out with a sturdy all-purpose ballroom dance shoe.

They should be comfortable with a one-inch heel.

Here is a great pair.

These shoes are lightweight and can be worn in practice and competition for just about any type of ballroom dance.

If you want to specialize, here are a few different styles that you can find:

  • Smooth shoes: These shoes are great for the waltz, foxtrot, tango, and Viennese waltz. They are a lace-up oxford-style shoe.
  • Latin shoes: These shoes are for the East Coast swing, salsa, cha-cha, Rumba, and more. They are a leather lace-up oxford, are usually black, and have a one and a half-inch heel.
  • Practice shoes: These are made for hours of use. They are black and often have perforated leather for breathability.

How Do You Find Your Size?

When you buy ballroom dance shoes, you should follow the guidelines the manufacturer offers.

For example, these shoes recommend using your street shoe size.

Others may suggest going down or up a half size.

When you try your ballroom dance shoes on, your feet should feel protected.

They should literally fit like a glove without feeling tight or pinching any part of your foot.

You should not be able to wiggle your foot around inside the shoe.

Remember that they will stretch out after you have worn them a few times.

The bottom line is that you should get a pair of ballroom dance shoes if you plan to dance.

They will protect your feet and make dancing a lot easier for you.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed our overview of ballroom dance shoes for men.

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