Jonathan E. Tejeda

Jonathan E. Tejeda

Hi everyone! I’m Jonathan… I’m a certified ballroom dance professional, content creator/blogger. Also, I’m the editor for Ballroom Dance Planet.

Ballroom Dance Planet is where we share all things about ballroom dancing and help others enjoy their dancing even more. Hope you enjoy our content! And hope you find it helpful and useful. 🙂

My favorite dance is the Peabody.

Favorite Quote: “The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing.”

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About Abraham
Abraham Sannoh

Abraham Sannoh

Hello everyone!… I’m Abraham. I’m a certified ballroom dance professional and the owner of Crown Dance Studio in the state of Virginia.

I helped my friend Jonathan in the creation and development of this blog. You can also check out my dance studio website @ Crown Dance Studios Here!

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